Your Impact

By organizing a fundraiser for Le Phare, you will have a huge impact on the children and their family's lives. The money that you and your friends and family raise will go straight to supporting Le Phare's mission to take care of the children and support their families.

Pediatric Palliative Care

Our multidisciplinary team provides the children with care that is adapted to their needs, in a warm, welcoming, kind environment. Under the direction of Dr. Silvana Barone, pediatrician specialized in pediatric palliative care, our team is composed of pediatricians and general practitioners that provide services around the clock. Our clinical team is composed of nurses, nurse clinicians, practical nurses and nursing aides. We ensure that the children receive the continual complex care that they require throughout their entire stay, by working in collaboration with the hospital and our partner pharmacy, François Lalande.

Respite for Families

Families are able to benefit from 30 days of free respite per year that they can use by reserving a few nights for their child at Le Phare, based on availability. This time of respite allows the parents to take care of themselves and have some quality time with the other children in the family.

"Le Phare is an essential resource. It's because of Le Phare that I'm able to keep going." - Eric, father of 9-year-old Louis

Psychosocial Support

Our team of social workers offers psychosocial support to the families during the entire time that the child is sick, as well as grieving support once they have passed. Families receive support by way of individual meetings, support groups for grieving parents or workshops for parents, siblings and extended family. A commemorative ceremony is organized every year, in collaboration with Magnus Poirier, to honour and remember the children who have passed, and a large ceremony is organized by Le Phare every 5 years.

Adaptive Recreation

The "Community" team, comprised of specialists in adaptive recreation, facilitators and a specialized educator, create a program of fun sensory activities that are adapted to each child. Experienced workers, trained volunteers and special guests work together to creatively manage each child's physical and cognitive limitations so that they are able to have fun every day.

"Le Phare is more than a palliative care home for children. It's like a second family." - Karine, Zachary's mother

Complementary Care

Each day at Le Phare is unique, thanks to our complementary care workers. Visits from Dr. Clown, music therapy, zootherapy and massage therapy all stimulate the senses and create a sense of wonder.

Your contribution is essential for these children and their families. Each year, Le Phare relies on its donors to carry out its mission and develop innovative projects to help better support the children. Thank you for being there for them. Every donation counts.

Symptom Management and End-of-Life Care

The entire family is able to stay for symptom management and end-of-life care. If the child is in an unstable condition and requires complex care beyond the confines of the home, their parents can rely on Le Phare to support them in offering this care. Experiencing the end of the child's life is one of the most tragic things a family can face, but the team at Le Phare puts their hearts and souls into the work they do so that the families may find the peace and serenity they need. These types of stays are also an alternative to frequent hospitalizations that are often long term. When a family requests these services, they are able to stay with the child 24/7 in the comfort of the family suite, directly connected to the child's room.

"What makes Le Phare different is the flexibility, adaptability and compassion that it conveys at all times." - Étienne, Samuel's father

These extremely specialized services and care, as well as the expertise that we have developed over nearly 25 years at Le Phare, are made possible by your essential donations.

Thank you for being there for the children.